Toledo Tree Cabling & Bracing Services

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Toledo, Ohio Tree Cabling and Bracing Services

Having trees on your property can do more than create a beautiful green yard. While some trees produce our favorite fruits, others help create wonderful childhood memories.

Toledo tree cabling and bracing can protect your property’s trees by helping them continue to stand tall. Extreme Tree Services understands the value of having lush trees in your yard and is passionate about helping you keep them healthy and beautiful.

A tree with professional tree bracing in front of a  Toledo restaurant.
Experienced Tree Bracing & Cabling

Benefits of Tree Cabling and Bracing

Our cabling and bracing services help protect tree structures by providing necessary support. Whether you have a leaning or damaged tree, we can help improve its structural integrity and prevent property damage.

Toledo tree cabling and bracing services offer several benefits, including:

Professional treatment from knowledgeable arborists

Reduced risk of broken branches and tree trunks

Improved tree life expectancy

Proper growth support for newly planted trees

Our tree experts are highly knowledgeable and passionate about their craft. Whether you want to protect an old tree or ensure a new one grows appropriately, we can provide high-end cabling and bracing services that help improve the overall structure of your tree.

More to know

Types of Structural Support Systems for Trees

Extreme Tree Services offers different types of structural support systems to address every tree support concern.


Staking helps straighten tree trunks and keep the roots in place. Our professional staking services help young trees establish an adequate rooting system that promotes proper growth and reduces the risk of future issues.


Cabling restricts how far branches can grow to help prevent them from splitting or breaking.


Bracing repairs splits or helps prevent them in tree leaders. We often combine this support method with cabling for maximum support.

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