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A fallen tree in Toledo Ohio destroys a homeowners fence
Toledo, Ohio Emergency Tree Services

Dead or damaged trees can be extremely dangerous in your yard. Even if a dead tree is still standing tall, a strong wind can blow it over and cause it to land on your car, house, or nearby power lines. Toledo emergency tree services help prevent or address damage caused by falling trees by removing obstructions and preventing further damage. 

The experts at Extreme Tree Services understand how critical it is to get a dangerous tree removed quickly. We use state-of-the-art equipment to safely remove hazardous or storm-damaged trees from your yard while minimizing the damage.

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Trusted Toledo Emergency Tree Services

When Do You Need an Emergency Tree Removal?

Generally, any time your trees cause damage or pose a danger to your property, you need an emergency tree removal. Extreme Tree Services provides emergency tree services for a wide range of situations.

Severe Storms

One of the most common situations for an emergency tree service is after a severe storm. Hurricanes, hail, heavy rainfall, and strong winds can cause significant damage to your property by damaging or blowing over trees. Although a few loose branches in your yard won’t hurt much, some winds are strong enough to knock over large trees and cause them to fall on your home or vehicles.

Old or Weak Trees

Trees can become weaker due to age or certain diseases. Not only do infected trees look unpleasant, but they are more likely to fall over and cause property damage. In addition, old or weak trees often have broken branches which can fall at any moment.

What Should You Do If a Tree Falls on Your Property?

If a tree falls on your property and causes damage or creates a dangerous situation, it is vital to schedule a tree service as soon as possible.

Our experts will provide professional tree care that removes hazardous trees and prevents further damage.


Questions We Get About Tree Trimming

What Should I Do If A Tree Falls During A Storm?

Call us ASAP for Emergency Tree Services in Northwest Ohio. Extreme Tree Service is on call 24/7 to help solve all of your emergency tree service needs. (419) 466-1551

What Happens After I Call For Help With Storm Damage?

In the aftermath of a storm our first step is to assess the damage to your property and then dispatch the properly equipped crew based on your needs.

Should I Remove A Tree Myself, In An Emergency?

Fallen trees are unstable and pose many hazards.

While you think a DIY will save you money, do not attempt to move the tree by yourself. Cutting the tree, touching it, or climbing on it may cause the tree to roll, shift, or fall on anyone or anything it is leaning on. 


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