Toledo Commercial Tree Services

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Toledo, Ohio Commercial Tree Services

Taking care of your commercial property includes more than maintaining your building. Your property’s exterior is the first thing customers see, and one of the best ways to boost your business’s outdoor area is with professional Toledo commercial tree services.  

Extreme Tree Services provides expert tree care to boost your business’s curb appeal and create a safer outdoor property. From basic trimming services to stump removal, our professional arborists provide a wide range of services to address the unique tree needs of your commercial property.

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Keeping Toledo’s Trees Beautiful

Types of Commercial Tree Services

We provide various Toledo commercial tree services to address a wide range of property concerns.

Commercial Tree and Stump Removal

Dead trees and stumps not only impact the look of your property but can be dangerous. We provide professional tree removal and grinding services to create a safer and greater outdoor space.

Commercial Tree Trimming

Professional tree pruning is an essential part of property maintenance. Our tree trimming services ensure proper clearance between your building and tree branches while ensuring your trees are free of broken and potentially dangerous branches. Businesses need tree trimming too!

Commercial Tree Bracing and Cabling

When might a tree on your commercial property require cabling or bracing?

Older trees with broad canopies often have lower branches that grow horizontally and have a lot of pressure placed on them, causing them to droop and break. Cabling or bracing is an excellent alternative to removing these safety hazards without compromising the tree’s appearance.

Trees with more than one main trunk are often subject to structural failure in inclement weather. Cabling or bracing is an easy solution for keeping multi-trunked trees standing for many years.

Trees with splitting trunks due to previous structural damage are especially vulnerable. Cabling or bracing is needed immediately to prevent complete failure; with cables or brace rods, you can add years to your tree’s life and keep it looking beautiful.

Professional Services for Every Type of Commercial Property

Extreme Tree Services offers professional tree servicing for various commercial properties in Toledo, including:

  •     Office buildings
  •     Apartment complexes
  •     Educational facilities
  •     And more!

Benefits of Professional Tree Services

Expert Toledo commercial tree services offer several benefits, including improved air quality, additional property value, and exceptional outdoor aesthetics. Whether you want to add trees to your commercial property or prune the ones you have.

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